Thursday, 26 February 2015


Shame is where the poem ends empty

In my time of need , God covered me
When I left all honour behind, God covered me

Shame is the shrouds beneath which only God sees
Shame is a stagnancy , a rotting
Shame is left lying still

My eloquent tongue and black heart
My poem ending empty


I teach myself lessons I once taught
Closed doors and epiphanies when apologies
Too late , always too late

Maybe goodness will be dispersed
Like flickered light in the periphery
Like something you felt once it was gone

Nowadays I am heavy with justifications
Such that my heart won't give way
Let me explain what its like in the limbo
Between hypocrisy and disbelief
Between too much and too little
Inside the silence of all the things I ought to say

I'm so sorry