Wednesday, 27 April 2016


Apne kushi meh sab ko takleef deeya.

 Distorted and bruised , the heart still feels what it feels.

My safe space is getting smaller and smaller and I've been folding in on myself like dark matter.

My fingertips are blue because of the cold, because I am tired , because simple living evades me , because there is nowhere to unpackage these dreams. But second skins never shined so bright.

' They passed right by and never knew'

Sunday, 24 April 2016


It's been raining for two and half hours , trust me I'm sure
And your freeze frames are piling on top of each other
Like bedazzled mountains blinding the peasants
Nobody needs to know how it feels to fall into a fissure of time itself
Or how the white tiles reflect back words repeated again and again
And you're choking on the silence, on the space between understanding
Like someone you should recognize
From an old poem I gave you a copy of once

I finish the paper exactly thirty minutes early
the admissions that hit the paper warrant only broken smiles
I would've done anything to take the sadness from your eyes that day

When I tried to ask the answers came quicker than my question
The walls of this box were tighter than I first imagined
So I learnt to breathe shallower
Then the words came abruptly
Like driftwood tossed by the sea

My riddles weren't riddles
They were tongue tied , suffocating
Between reaching something they could not reach

Really I'm a coward
always afraid of the things I want the most

My words hurt me before any one else gets a chance

A hodgepodge of untold stories
Of narratives that do not match

The whole world is one colour
And I am another

Maybe one day I could bleach the jagged edges to these sentences
And forget the watercolour rain

There is a price to being free
and there's little in me to give

Thursday, 14 April 2016


It feels like my insincerity is making a noose around my neck.

This narrative is laughable.

The light burns inside.

In the end, my end will be others beginning.

Grind my bones into dust and a singsong for the children when they sleep.


I'm taking time and redefining it to end points I don't share with anyone
Because I've found burdens are more often offloaded than dealt with
Let me show you the detour every day until we run out of days
And I never get round to carrying it too

I've compartmentalized destinations into narrow strips of land
Where my kingdom collapses in on itself with every resting of this eye

They cant find these roots like the statue of a man
Knows nothing of whats beneath his feet

Help me.