Saturday, 13 July 2013

Naseeha and Futility

If I took words that I
Was too weak to say
And said them anyway
If I cried and wrote poetry
If I tried
How much would be enough
I gave it everything I had this time
She told me to speak on a human level
How much more human could you get
I've ripped scabs off old wounds
Just so you can see they exist
I gave it my all
It feels like deep
Inside somethings bleeds
I gave it my all
If it isn't enough
Then I'm afraid
That there is nothing
Else I could do

Thursday, 11 July 2013


The dual nature of things hurts

I wonder how it could be that
The ones you love that become the means
To save you, hurt you
And I love the person but hate the sin
Where did all our promises go?
This heart hesitates to write again
But that is how it is

I guess never agains fade
You could say things a thousand times
But if your words have no weight
then it's all just worthless

I cried when my Grandfather died
I cried when she was hospitalized
I cried when my Grandmother died
But not much
It's all relative and I have cried far more
For you, I woke countless nights
And couldn't sleep countless more
I hate the sin, I hate it like words couldn't describe
When you are stagnant in your own words for so long
I think thats when little parts of you die

I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be on Ramadan , Inshallah maybe another day