Friday, 17 May 2013

The Mirrored Girl

The Story of My Life Part VII

There is Quran and
Prayers to be made
Late night tears
Some semblance of piety

There is a dull ache
I am not oblivious
Just teary eyed in a public space
No longer knowing why

The turn out for Jummah was good
Didn't make the second jammat
I am constantly late for things
It would be the story of my life
If not for you

I am staring at the girl
On the other side of the street
No metaphors there never were
I told myself I wouldn't
How sorry I will be
When my eyes speak of what they saw

I will be held to account
Recounting every Friday
Every missed opportunity

I look at you and hope
That you will never cross that road

I don't remember when
You became the girl
The story of my life
When I first  found pieces of you scattered
In this guilty conscious


  1. It's been a while since you've posted your poignant, sincere poetry. Welcome back.

    1. Thank you. I'm hoping to stick around this time InshaAllah.

  2. Beautiful as always sis, MashaAllah. (: