Thursday, 11 July 2013


The dual nature of things hurts

I wonder how it could be that
The ones you love that become the means
To save you, hurt you
And I love the person but hate the sin
Where did all our promises go?
This heart hesitates to write again
But that is how it is

I guess never agains fade
You could say things a thousand times
But if your words have no weight
then it's all just worthless

I cried when my Grandfather died
I cried when she was hospitalized
I cried when my Grandmother died
But not much
It's all relative and I have cried far more
For you, I woke countless nights
And couldn't sleep countless more
I hate the sin, I hate it like words couldn't describe
When you are stagnant in your own words for so long
I think thats when little parts of you die

I'm sorry if you thought this was going to be on Ramadan , Inshallah maybe another day


  1. The dual nature of life hurts. Agreed.

  2. There is so much sincerity and pain in this is so beautiful and tragic at the same time. I pray that whatever is agonizing your heart will soon be resolved...that the sin of the other is conquered and forgiven and peace can again flourish.
    Ramadan Mubarak sis.