Wednesday, 13 August 2014


Nameless, faceless pills to stifle the ego
I am not here to kill my lower self
If I nurtute her in darkness perhaps
Then and only then will she seek light

I should take my hesitations, place them
Under the watching of God
Absence is an elixr for the restless
And such sincerity comes into question
If the auditorium was empty
How loud would I speak ?

So I'm pealing back the layers to the essence
Find the who behind the what
Clarify the why's

But I am labelled
Easily identified
Discerning eyes swallow my words

I speak of goodness
Though there is little goodness in me
May God mask the shame of what I've become


  1. Once again do the specifics of your beautiful prose elude me, the one who is reading your life from the outside, yet force me to look inside myself at the same time.
    Your faithful reader is impressed yet again, MashaAllah. <3

    1. You really are such a loyal reader , it makes smile to see a comment from you : ). I'm still missing your writings eagerly waiting for you to start blogging again. In the mean time I should make more of an effort to write here inshaAllah

    2. You are definitely motivating me to write again...I'm in sort of a writing lull at the moment and longing for the words to flow again. I still check my subscriptions though in anticipation and I get excited when a new piece from you pops up. :)