Monday, 11 February 2013

Friday Flashbacks

It was eleven thirty-five, when this
Heart pounded against the chest, spontaneously
And death
Of the body ,I thought
But soul,definitely so
Many days I did wait
But never came
Forever late
She was a girl and hers was a story
Of footsteps on the brink
We were tourists wondering if she'll jump
These were hands shaking at the weight
Of unsaid words
And he , he coerced
Guilty tears were all we had to give

I've been here in this tiny piece of cyberspace
Writing about how much I failed to do for you
Haphazardly balancing patience on this heart
Anybody could write a poem
I wrote you a blog

And God he wrote your life
He heard you through your cries
Just try
For your sake more than mine

Say, O my servants who have wronged themselves: despair not of Allah's mercy; surely Allah forgives all sins; surely, He is Most Merciful and Compassionate

Lo! This is a Reminder. Let him who will, then, choose a way unto his Lord.
Surah 25:57

The similitude of the believers in their compassion, mercy, and affection toward each other is like a single body. When one organ ails, the whole body suffers and reacts.

The deeds most loved by Allah (subhana wa ta’ala) are those that are done regularly even though they may be few. 


  1. MashaAllah. I feel so much hope emanating from this beautiful piece. I want to believe that my feeling is right InshaAllah. <3