Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Black History Month

We have failed to live 
The lives that they died for
 He was black
With boulders on his back
That perhaps these shoulders of ours
Won't tire in servitude to our desires that
We may push our own personal reality
Fragility an excuse not to push the boundaries
That the norms of society should break
Rather then the bones of men disgraced
Not in the least because their place
Reserved in a History of tragedy that swelled
From the pride in the hearts of I
 that he is lower than me but isn't it
Adam and Eve and the dust in his face
Was from the very place we all came
So arrogance is triviality when we are but
Fallen leaves from a forbidden tree
And so in the mercy of who we can be
From sacrifices made by the blood of the weak
Whose cries determined carried wide to guide
The hearts of men to peace and
Commonality of life
That upon strife we as human beings bleed
The same need to find internal tranquility
So I end with words marked in History
The truth is such that it is repeated unlimitedly
That this heart despite it all still dreams

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