Thursday, 20 September 2012

Human Love

She covers her head with see through thread yet
It is enough to be labeled one of us and her legs
bounce delicately as she shifts in her place melting
Into him , who fiddles with tassels and
Whispers " I love you" , giggling still.

That head rests so firmly by his chest
I wonder if the beat reminds her
The same way it reminds me
After all of  his affection in what
He sought after of perfection in his selection
It pesters me to see hands entwined
And hearts close but not enough to say
"Just us" to the world because he took
Her hand without the question

I watch as she is climbing ropes
That he will let go and
Fibers dig into hands that burn
But much closer to this mind
Is a more tangible concern

How could she be so close
And yet not know that when
He leans towards her and
Lowered voices breathe one breath
Can't she feel, that he
In his claim of love is so incredibly

We are fragile beings fumbling
For hope and passion within limbs
That break and if his heart is so inclined
But no, he waits, he can bring himself to wait
Then there is no stability in our fragility
And no weight to his empty claims
He believes with the conviction
Of his throat not his soul
So if you love his words then know
They quieten with every half held dream
Of just us tomorrow

Remember with everything you give to him, the less of you there is then.
Dating is but words. Marriage is a contract.
*sigh* Don't taint the love people. Seriously, don't taint the love...

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