Tuesday, 11 September 2012


She is scarred knuckles and
Scared as eyes water and veins
Burst due to the pressure and
Her mum screams
Your eyes are filled with blood
The perpetual spiral of desire the
Late night horror of empty fridges and
Hearts that have yet to eat their full
The binge is sickly and sweet it is
Melted ice cream in the summer innocence
Has drowned beneath open taps to find
Lovers but never love and so she runs
To alleyways dizzy heads spew
Lies of I've eaten and the mouth erodes
Of what she's told of untruths

Alone is a dish best served in empty wrappers
She says as cruel obsession pushes her after
Dreams that are not about the food,
Outstretched palms ache as they wait
She thinks that she will fly and that is
The premise of  her demise, she slips
Air gushing past the words she'll never hear
She ran the race the wrong way and our
Greatness lies beyond this place

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