Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Giving Back

The kiss of life that wakes the dead
Is the breathe that busy minds lost count
Of how heavy the hands became of fallen rain
that washed dirt paths clean again

We were born naked, screaming
Our bodies drenched in the clots of blood
From a place we knew as home but no
Longer remember drawing parallels
And scribbles for the first time
Plastic cups filled with imaginary tea
Cheeky grins beamed almost blindingly

Throughout life there are people whose
Affection moves us to kindness we never
Knew we had inside these four walls.
Throughout life there is kindness that
Fails to bring us to our knees ,that
idle minds lost the ability to find
Affection in the feel of soft palms
And the corners of a universe
we were never entitled to hold

We believe rather childishly that our
Parents are the source yet they bleed
And die at the end of a life granted
By a source to who the return is nigh
It was never ours to keep so why not
give it back in exchange for eternity

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