Thursday, 13 September 2012

Practicing Muslim

I am practicing but fail in my acquiring
Of heights higher than hearts can see,so
Though I try to achieve this world breaks me
I have learnt the truth behind grazed knees,
You cry for a time then stand determinedly
After invoking with need the One Being,
Because falling is part of the game but
Objectives cease only when we quit

And I am practicing because I am
Not ready for the final show not
Worthy of an audience of One while
Humanity is the bystander that day

I am practicing because I have come
To realize that trying is all I can ever do
So I ask you too, not to walk unaided or
To stop the walking too, just to fall and
Say it's okay because I am trying.
Through  a belief of mercy I will touch
The gates of greater things soon.

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