Saturday, 8 December 2012


Tomorrow part II

Beneath the sea bed we will sleep
A slumber amidst purity
And these gems will weigh us down
So that no longer will we hear the seagulls screech
There will be no thirst
And there will be no hurt
The promise is true
Beneath the seabed on top of worlds
Under shade will the eyes gaze
Through the shine of the gem will reflect
Who we were
And where we are
Let the boat sink

Tomorrow part one here 


  1. This made me so happy dear sis, you don't even know. :)
    May we meet each other when we drown and may we be at peace. <3

    1. Jazakallahu khairun. Your poems inspire me and that one was short and sweet and me in my metaphorical whimsical way couldn't help but write a second part.
      I think if everyday I woke up and reminded myself about jannah my life would be so different.