Monday, 31 December 2012

On Beauty and Weddings

Sorry about the distinct lack of poetry here . I'm Asian and there was wedding going on ... so yeh. Note the use of the word 'Asian' , I'm still hoping that I get invited to a muslim wedding sometime soon because I'm beginning to lose hope in weddings altogether.

Part One

They were magazine cover people
Also known as uncovered with eyes
Lashes reaching ceilings and heels helping too
This pseudo segregation is disappointing
The cameraman is male go figure
Hugging clothes and egos
Who did not know which way
The Qiblah is,
They tried I suppose
Only really to accentuate
Waists and not words ,
Oh and waste they did the time
These ears complain that the person with the duff
Looks too middle aged and bearded to be a young girl
Confused yet, well you're not the only one
It is strange how my eyes say
This is the works, one hour late and beautiful
But my soul rejects, they are not
Even I am surprised at how ugly they really are

There is ugliness in the hypocrisy
Breaking of families , strategic seating
And false smiles,your almost politically
Planned greetings are ugly
It is written on your faces
So take it how you will
You are vile in a most unconventional way


  1. How I was missing your poetry. :)

  2. I hate how what is meant to be the beginning of a commitment (and so the day you MOST need God's blessings) becomes a day where it's "okay" to lax all the rules.

    1. So true. I find it hard to believe that people willingly start their lives together with a whole load of debt and a bunch of family rows.
      Islam sets us free but we seem to chain ourselves

  3. I pray you are blessed with attending a beautiful wedding my dear sister. Perhaps it is for us to revive the sunnah of simplicity and true beauty and hayya on this day of celebration... for how can the heart be content when the limbs are contravening the commands of their Beloved (s.w.t)?

    Righteousness, beautiful akhlaq, adherence to and love of the Qur'an and the Sunnah. One whose Deen and character is pleasing to you; this is what one should look for in their prospective spouse, and to have a simple wedding and mahr; not extravagance, shamelessness, ostentation and placing difficulties in getting married when Allah has made it so easy for us. But this is something we already know, like with many aspects of this Deen; we just need to strive and not compromise on what is obligatory upon us and following of the Sunnah for the sake of pleasing people and competing for worldy gain- indeed it distracts us until we visit the graves.

    I love you for the sake of Allah my dear sister, and I pray you are blessed with a pious spouse and righteous children : ) and that your family especially your beloved sister are a means of inviting and guiding to this beautiful Deen and an inspiration for this Ummah.

    Jazakillahu Khairan

    1. Perhaps I was meant to attend this terrible wedding so that I would write this blog post , so that you would post this comment and make such a beautiful dua. Perhaps this wedding has inadvertently become the means of something great and something beautiful.
      Jazakallahu Khairun for the reminder sis. InshaAllah part two will be more positive as there was some khair in the wedding and I learnt quite a few lessons.