Wednesday, 17 October 2012

100 Rainfalls

Tentative hands break the surface of this backstreet puddle
Realizing it's murky and really not that deep
I am a mass of tears collecting,
Being held together by thin wisps of
Nothingness, waiting for
Brief moments of peace because the free fall
The hurtle to the ground is silent, easy

Am I the rain or is the rain me?
This companionship spans like wet ink
Smudging the words of a familiar page
I don't remember much anymore just that
It rains when I try, it always rains...

I am reminded of you
In the way those spontaneous circles jump and fade
The way you jump in and out of my life strangely and
How I remember you most when the sun is shining
My vision bright, my vision dangerously clear

I try to absorb it all today
I realize our misunderstood friendship
As the water drips from the umbrella to my feet
To witness these rainfalls behind glass panes
Pains me back to dreams, to dreams
Of abayas glistening and mad smiles at the sky
But what good is emotion ,feeling in solidarity
I want to be a raindrop falling in unison, falling
With grand hopes of mercy and clean streets

Courtesy of the-not-so-anon Anon

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