Sunday, 14 October 2012

Fallen for a Hijaabi

Scarf piled high on the head  with a hint of neck
The lashes , the lips the detail unneeded
You've got a bee in your bonnet about this girl
You make haste to talk to her strengthened by
False justifications and assumptions made wrongly

She's not that religious
She was crying silently before dawn
For change, for forgiveness she is tired
Of living this way she searches out
The early hours before the darkness of her grave
She doesn't really know  and so
Wraps it the only way she has seen
She may not look the part but her heart
Is getting there slowly

I love her
You claim infatuation with her
Actions and her speech,
Everything about her is exactly what you seek
Only with her would your life be complete
Then why do you destroy her...
Will you rip her from her loftiness
Break the soul she trained in two
Will you respect her decisions or
Take as hostage her  tender heart
Do you lust or do you love ?
Your desires are a fire burning everything in their path
You are rubbing black ash against her face
You love the character which you tarnish
You love her grace , disgraced through your undue haste

You have fallen for a hijaabi
Through black and white you seek grey
Excuses made and rejected by the truth
You have fallen for a hijaabi
Will you in your haste, make her fall too?

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