Saturday, 13 October 2012


I have recorded the introduction , the plot line
Entangled in this story the bookmark dangles on the edge
Sometimes I think it won't end that the storyline is unwritten but
It isn't . I'm just waiting for the chance to read the ending .
I return to prayers for sneak previews when  the child within me tires of waiting
Because her face, her story jumps out to me .
I wrote that I was the protagonist but I'm just here to fill the space
Perhaps this sidelined character could say something profound could be in the A list scene
But no. It feels as though these cliffhangers are too real , that this interlude
Is giving time for the obscene to multiply . But, no. I trust the author to do justice
Who am I to question the progression having missed so many chapters
The final view has been envisioned by a most merciful scribe and if still I seek the intercession
To request with humble hands alternate endings then I must find the most responsive time
When my words in faith have made me tender and through your mercy I survive

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