Friday, 5 October 2012

The Second Jammat

We are self absorbed, so fixated on
Actions losing meaning slowly not
Comprehending messages yet trying
To strive for lives beyond our stride

I am a spectator ion watching  bonds
Forming between the unseen and man.
It is not silence but ease upon the hearts
Weighing heavily on feet that stand in line

This silent congregation is bizarre and
To witness 60 people-not one dares to speak
Well except the khateeb who instructs militarily with
Precision shooting hearts down into ruku
Concisely comes the truth

There are times in life when answers
Do not do justice to questions and it is
When heads reach the ground and the
Sound 'thudum' resonates perhaps
A delay between brothers and the sisters
Perhaps this Mexican wave of heads eludes me
But beyond the glass walls I heard 'thudum' indeed
So I believe that was the final heart beat before
A silence so complete
For verses broke the mountains and now
We fall in imitation for a promised elevation
My second jammat observation has taught me

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