Thursday, 11 October 2012

Forgetting People

How am I supposed to forget you
When I find you everywhere
Squeezed awkwardly between the lines of my poetry
Your number still saved on my phone with that picture of
A rainbow drawn skillfully from midnight conversations
That ended abruptly , for one reason or another
And I try as they say to move to a better place
So I sit on a rocking chair in this mansion in my mind
Sipping milk with some pseudo intellectualism I adopted
On this journey that no longer keeps me company.
There is a compost heap outside in the
Corner of the garden behind the Tulip tree.
Here sits that little bit of knowledge idly waiting
Burning up under the scrutinizing sun.
I look out of the window , it is lonely here.

You are scrawled  in reminders to meet up and
Messages saved in the drafts left unsent,
I find you in the way she speaks, weird connections
Hurt me, mayonnaise will never be the same
Get over it. I don't even know what I'm climbing
Are you the wall ? Or are you on the other side or left behind?
To inadvertently neglect you is something I cannot do willingly.

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