Friday, 12 October 2012

That Boy

Did they train you to irritate me?
A couple of years being taught the art
Of rejecting a reasonable request ,
Special offer courses nobody took apart from you in
How to disrespect, the female population and religion in under five minutes.
Building up your strength in ignorance by resisting the urge to open a book
Anime watching marathons built up a sweat, wiped away
In a drunken haze, by the singing of foreign songs and the sound of excessive laughter

She said you used to be depressed, that you've been through a lot
And I believe her and I've cried and tried to pray for you
But now that we're together, she continues, he's happier.
It is at that moment the truth has been deformed , exaggeration
For a purpose shaped by these cleverly worded mis-truths
He would say that wouldn't he , he's not really going to say
That he's more depressed since he met you ,
Did nobody tell you the rules to this game
No wonder your losing everything as you play

He is the abrupt end to joyful Fridays
Like the anti-Christ he is curly haired tribulation.
The turn out was good this Jummah but I'm ashamed to say
I do not wait for her , there was a time with every turn of the handle
I  saw her walking through but those dreams are no longer
Because she is patting the hair on his head , I see
From the opposite side of this street which is readily
Becoming the bane of my life and I do not have it in me
To harbor this much hatred and disgust and cannot even fathom
To say anything to him except words I know he'll understand
'fix up if you call yourself a man'

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