Wednesday, 11 July 2012


I did not say goodbye.
There are no memories framed
Neatly, stacked empty boxes. 
I will not remember you 
Nor will I trap you behind cardboard
Label you fragile
And let you collect dust. 
No, I refuse to let this mind wander
Through overgrown grass last July
Or reminisce about how it felt to stand
Side by side that Friday
Or how eyes would shine
And smiles would smile honest and true.
 No, I will not remember you.
And I will not say goodbye.

For your words do not line the past
They build the present. 
I take our time together
Clasped in trembling hands .
I vow to live your  naseeha
To follow your example
Knowing it is taken
From the messengers seal.
Those small gestures of adab
That moved my soul , will live
I strive to strive , to struggle
For an end greater than you or I .
So though these eyes shed tears
There is no sorrow, nor remorse
For I know and I dream of the day we will meet
So I feel no need 
To say

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