Wednesday, 11 July 2012

To my Fajr time Bird

Aah a golden oldie. I was reading over some of my older poetry and I just had to share this one. It's not amazingly written, the rhyme is iffy in places but it is honest and true and isn't that what poetry is all about. Subhannallah it seems this bird was pretty important to me hence the tribute poem . 

That inevitable moment when I roll over
In that dreamy, hazy sort of state
Neither asleep nor truly awake
And there’s a chilly morning breeze

And the darkness does not feel so dark
The brightest black you’ll ever see

Oh the fajr time bird whose company I won’t deny 

Oh dear fajr time bird if only you knew
How much inspiration I’ve gathered from you
Oh the sweetest chirping by which you recite

The beauty by which you glorify
The one who you have submitted to
And I wonder

 How long you’ve been tweeting
While laying here I have been sleeping
And I wonder why you have not tired 

Praising your lord is all you desire
While I won’t even run from fire
Oh my fajr time bird

My personal Mua’zzin
How you remind me of a majestic word
Your Lord gave you a voice with which you recite 

Oh fajr time bird what would you do
If you were me and I was you
And your Lord had given you

The ability to write and to make wudhu
And to pray in jammat
And you could publish things

And read books from years ago
Learn knowledge wherever you go
What would you do my fajr time bird 

If you had the means to pray as I do
And to be rewarded for all the things I could be too
My dearest fajr time bird

Tell me what would you do
If all that reward was waiting for you
And your Lord said

Do this I will be pleased with you
My fajr time bird you would try to do it all
And you would sleep little 

And you would weep so much
Do you want to know why?
You would want to praise your Lord

In all the ways he has ordained
For everything by which you are sustained
You would praise him for teaching you how to praise

In honour and rank you would be raised
From torment and pain you would be saved
Oh my fajr time bird, I am me and you are you

If a bird with all its merits can do that
Then surely I should be able to do it too

If people only knew what blessings are in the fajr and isha prayers, they would come to them, even if they had to crawl.

Bukhari and Muslim

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