Friday, 13 July 2012


Not your conventional subject matter...

Hijaabi Got Swag

Yep you read that right
Hijaabi got swag
We know how to move
Eyes lowered to the ground
Feet move without a sound
Ears feeling cold in the winter
Hijaabi’s got it covered
Forgot your house key
Here borrow my headscarf pin
And unpick the lock
Damn I ripped my top
Why don’t you sew it up
Because hijaabis got tassels
I’m late I’m going to miss my bus
Grab onto the hijaabi
She’s got a cape and she can fly
Well not quite
But it does flap in the wind
Hijaabis strong enough to grab
A falling wooden partition
Hijaabi’s swift enough
To avoid getting the cooties
Hijaabis so flowy
You don’t know where
She ends or where she begins
The elements can’t harm hijaabi
The rain has met its foe
The sun has met its match
Hijaabi doesn’t tan
Just loosen it a bit
And look hijaabis got a hood
Hijaabi has no arms!
Well actually she just has pockets
Are you falling of a cliff?
Well Hijaabi’s got a rope
Hijaabi is everyone’s sis
Hijaabi’s got her crew in the prayer room
Hijaabi sends you peace
Because the religion is easy
Hijaabi has got the moves
She does the wrap ‘n’ tuck in the blink of an eye
Climate change – the ozone layer is dead
But not hijaabi (well not yet)
UV Lights prepared to be absorbed
Even the wind won’t damage Hijaabi’s hair
And if you start spouting nonsense hijaabi doesn’t care
Because three layers of pashmina later
She probably can’t even hear you
Hijaabi makes the tough guys move
Is someone’s cigarette up in smoke
Hijaabi can put it out
Just moves her hijaab and makes a breeze
It’s Allah that she aims to please
That’s why hijaabi is so awesome
That’s why she’s not just wearing a paper bag
And that’s why Hijaabi’s got swag

Oh and just a small request
Since Urban dictionary didn’t really help
If you could kindly tell me sis
What swag actually is?

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