Monday, 16 July 2012


I have written you letters
Etched in remorse and sorrow.
The overhung stench of guilt lingers
After all these years
Who would have thought
That this was the tomorrow
That we had dreamed off.

I always seem to miss you
Greeted at my doorstep by
Sealed envelopes destined to return
To me , unreceived.

I pray you will forgive me
We were young
And you were right
You had rights, unknown
To me, I grieve.

I sit to write another letter
Like all of those written before
One word illegible , smudged
In all these years of pondering
Of reassessing false stances ,
Thinking about missed chances.
My mind on loop of that summer in '92.
Yes I have revised and organized
The emotions that tear me
And I know through all of that
I only wish to let you know
That I am sorry.

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