Wednesday, 25 July 2012

The Story of my Life

It was a Friday
The merciful scribe of
My life decreed
Through the twists and turns
Of the plot line, dead lines sidelined
I would pray my lifeline -jummah

It was a Friday
I would text her with false
Optimism brimming, filling
The mosque with everyone
But her

It was a Friday
Waiting at the corner-
Stone moment of realisation
She was on the other side
Of the street
Her head and her mind by his side
And her hand entwined
Ickily with his
Cupid shot his bow
At point blank range
A small part of my soul

The story of my life is
Watching those who I have loved
From the wrong side of the street
It is knowing what separates us
Is busy traffic and distractions
We've built to make everything easy
It is staring at broken prayers
And hollow hopes of halaqas
It is trying to fathom that this is
A real Friday
And not a twisted metaphor
The story of my life is but a few words
I wish I did more

Just for the record Cupid isn't real and ickily no matter how apt an adjective it is , is not a word .

I while ago I told a sister this quote
If you are successful in deceiving a person, do not think how foolish that person is, but think how much trust that person has put on you.
Ali ibn Abi Talib
She responded by asking what kind of person puts that much trust in someone in the first place . The self righteous part of me wants to believe ti's only I but I have come to realize we all do . There are people who our unworthy eyes look up to and admire , we respect their opinions and value their contribution .These are the people that when they slip up it hurts more , far more, simply because it was them . I have trusted my heart in the hands of a few , I am ashamed to say it but its is the truth . This is not a criticism just merely a statement of fact .In all honesty it all works pleasantly until we forget our responsibility to each other and the contents slip from our hands .It is in those moments you stand and watch your heart fall to the ground and wonder through the pain - how can I still be alive?


  1. Assalamualaikum, sister. How's your Ramadan? 'Tis is I, your anon. :) Lovin' this new input! How'd you get inspired so fast?

    1. Walaikumussalam wa rahmtullahi wa barakatuhu. Alhamdulilah ramadan is just ... well ramadan . Always refreshing , full of life and hope and opportunities if anything is wrong with such a perfect month truth be told its probably just me .
      My own anon I am well and truly flattered sis :)
      Aah this poem has been bugging me for weeks now . That fateful Friday even as it was happening I just thought this feels like some tragic poem symbolizing distance . It was almost too poetic to write as a poem . But now with the holidays and all my mind wandered back to that day and i thought as much as its gonna sting I have to write it down. So there you have it the story of my poem about the story of my life :p