Wednesday, 18 July 2012


This is not your typical , I'm-so-happy-I've-seen-the-moon-lets-fast-and-pray-and-eat-some-dates Ramadan poem. 

The weight of the world
Has crushed feeble shoulders
Stumbling steps are born
From hearts of weak resolve
I no longer wish to face the pain
Bittersweet truths are far too bitter
I have carved the path that I now walk
I am my own nemesis , I am the cause
And the action
Grief and disbelief
This is the end I have chosen to meet
Did I really choose
The temporal over the eternal?

Mistakes are born in ignorance
And carried miserably through in arrogance
To commit the sin knowingly
Is the fall of all that was innocent
So I ask that vile, wretched soul
The blackness of shortcomings
Known and unknown
Is this who you want to be?

I lived a life of no benefit
I yearned for some sort of happiness
So I strived to fill the emptiness
But everything was hollow
I tiptoed around, my heart
How could something wrong
With time become right
I am caught in my own web of lies

Death comes quickly, unexpectedly
It will seize me
In the midst of a moment
That I do not have the blessing
To live to regret

I am weak
On the verge of losing
The faith I cling to desperately
So woefully weak it seems
That I must starve my body
To feed the soul.


  1. Ramadan kareem, sister. And beautiful poetry, as always. :)

    1. Jazakallahu khairun for stopping by . I'm glad you like the poetry. I've been experimenting with different lengths, and levels of metaphoricalness ( before you ask thats not a word :p ) and abstractness ( that is though :D)
      Ramadan Mubarak to you too I hope you have a wonderful , life changing Ramadan. Remember me in your duas.

      Hijaabi in the Rain