Friday, 13 July 2012


I’m finally ready to let go
And say goodbye
To a world I am leaving soon
I see the light of the moon
Dark waves of the sky
Cold breeze
Whispering through my hijaab
My fingers are numb
And my eyelids close gently
I breath
But finally aware of every breath
By finally embracing my death
souls sparks and is alive
I have shed too many tears
And wasted much time
And have been neglectful
In the remembrance of my Lord
Indeed to him I will return
Heavy downpour
Don’t weep for me
Oh soft and fluffy cloud
Cherish the silence
And cherish the sound
I smile
Praise be to Allah today
How majestic, how vast the bounty
How complete the mercy
Praise be to Allah tod
And everyday that has been
And every day I will live to see
And every day that is beyond my reach
Praise be to Allah today
The turner of hearts has blessed me to say
I am pleased
I am pleased with Islam as my religion
As Muhammad upon him be peace
As the messengers seal
And with Allah as my Lord

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