Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Laws of Love

Rules and regulations
No, opportunities to show appreciation.
How to give back
To the one who gave
How to show your love
To the one who showed you what love is
The very mind that is a gift
Are we going to use it to resist

There is paradise beneath her feet

I turn to God he turns to me
Untold reward for the one who fasts
Purify your wealth with Zakaat 
Every step is a charity 
Dua is my weapon 
Hijaab is my shield
When a brother lowers his gaze , 
Can't you hear the poetry
Your light is brighter than the sun
And neither do I look at directly

And yet

We have no perspective 
We have closed our eyes
In that vile, wretched way
We have the audacity to claim
We are blind


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