Sunday, 5 August 2012


I watch the numbers consume you
You’re inching closer and closer to Zero
When in reality you are something more
Than skipped breakfasts lunches and dinners
Didn’t anyone tell you punishments are only for sinners?
Have you befriended Ana over those who are your sisters
 If you see my friend let her know that I have missed her 
Our bodies are our responsibility
Allah has made us trustees
And that is why we must eat
Oh if only it was that simple
Perhaps I will never see it the way you do
But that doesn't mean I don’t care about you
The truth is food is a blessing a gift from above
It is a mercy, it is a peace and a tranquillity
It is being content and fulfilled and at ease with yourself
How could food have all that spiritual wealth
It is not the food itself
But the obeying of Allah’s command
Our body has a right upon us
Have you committed sin by accepting a present from your creator
The shaper, the maker
Did he make a mistake?
By not giving you a 18 inch waist
 Gentle hearted soul would never starve another
Then why do you forbid yourself
Do not make Haraam what been made halal
The strong  believer is more beloved than the weak
Oh what number do you seek
Seven ajwa dates better than an empty plate
Run after Quran and hadith
1/3 food, 1/3 drink and 1/3 empty
You can trick your metabolism but you won’t trick me
Your restricted intakes scare me
For you were beautiful when you were free
Nothing tastes as good as skinny feels
Trading jannah for something unreal
No need for thinspiration
Where is our admiration for the truth
 I love you sister because we are one and the same
The same blood in our veins
Give me your grief and your pain
Whatever hurts your soul on lonely nights is mine
I wish to share something, so precious with you
I pray you will trust me the way I trust you
Dip your finger in the honey that is iman
Let the sweetness of faith keep you from harm
And let go
Give your body and your soul
To the one who has full control
To the one who has the decree
Verily Ana is just a Qareen
A Cursed enemy


  1. The message is clear..anorexia is a serious illness and treatment is necessary for one to fully recover. To know more about anorexia, you can get info from websites like

    1. Thank you for your comment. It is indeed a terrible illness one that is very difficult to put in to words. I know that I have not truly done those who suffer justice with this poem but I felt it was necessary to publish it if only to raise awareness and let them know that their sisters in humanity care. I pray that all those effected have the strength to get past this illness.