Wednesday, 22 August 2012


Delays come unexpectedly dragging
Out the days with events that have meaning
For brief moments before we
Collapse sighing onto comfy beds

I have seen the world in stanzas
Poetry and prose on the tips
It is falling into an abyss of stuff
That needs doing , now ?
Yes, now. Life commands
Her voice drowning
Me and the verse

So I sit now so well rehearsed
Filled with the life that has pushed me
To my knees these last few days
"Write" says my soul to my heart
But she is new and learning
As the words are said she
Hesitates and the lights turn red

I apologize for the lack of posts . I have indeed been thinking poetry again and again in my head like the wild English eccentric I would so love to be . But circumstance has not been on my side lately ... I shall be updating you with this weeks happenings shortly though ( through the medium of poetry and prose of course)

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