Friday, 24 August 2012

Personal Statement

I'm having a little bit of trouble writing my personal statement/choosing a course/ choosing a University and needed to vent the frustration.

So Red-Brick Uni is it ?
Tell me a bit about yourself
Well I come from a prestigious back-
Yes yes but how is that relevant to me
I have a lot of experience in-
But its not really the same is it
You can't possibly compare that to me
But go on why should I go to your Uni
Well the buildings are traditional and really
quite pretty with stained glass
Oh dear I don't mean to be crass
But isn't that a tad discriminatory
Ahem well the food is cheap and-
You don't seem to have much to offer
Well yes, I mean no
I've been established for 600 hundred years or so
Give it another 600 years and then come back
Would it be possible to get some feedback for this interview
Pretentious, obnoxious, a bit slow , no real interest
Failure to , well just failure I suppose


  1. Don't worry, it happens to almost everyone who are about to write there personal statement for taking up graduation course in university. I have searched over the net about personal statement and found some. Click here, I hope this will be useful.

    1. Thanks for the link but alhamdulilah I've sent off my application now.
      I was just having a bit of a vent - writing it in the perspective that I'm interviewing the universities was quite fun tbh.

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