Friday, 3 August 2012


Silvery scaled black fish
Swim amongst the school
She is swift, retiring amongst
The backdrop of the sea
She dodges gracefully
Currents that lead
To her streamlined body
Touching seaweed

She is a Hijaabi
With hands in pockets
Fighting to keep strands
Of modesty tucked beneath
Her scarf on windy days
Though even for the poised
And ready,no number of safety
Pins could secure
Victory in one way streams

In my moments of stupidity
I,a hijaabi, walked up the stairs
The wrong way
Eyes lowered in shame
Could feel the frowns all the same
Yet they moved, not one, not two
They swayed like ocean currents
Moving in accordance to a silver moon
Untouched , unscathed I stood
At the tops of the stairs that day

And as is human nature to share
An ecstatic exchange of words
So I went to tell her
'You won't believe
What happened to me-'
Knocked but not fallen
'Sorry i was going to say-'
Thumpty thump
Never mind

This time around
you win some you lose some
because, truth is
Even fishes can drown

Narrated on the authority of Anas bin Malik, the Prophet (saw) said: When lewdness is a part of anything, it becomes defective; and when haya is a part of anything it becomes beautiful.

This post is filled with irony . Not lest the fact that as I was writing this post I decided to put in a quick reminder about the importance of spacial awareness in mixed schools only to be met with a door to the face about two hours later.  If my ditsy nature was actually a metaphor the lessons to be learnt from this story would be as long as you are striving and trying to climb higher and higher Allah will make the path easy for you. It is sad but to be honest something I've noticed too much with my own self is that we ask for jannah yet deep down we know we're not worthy . And above all we know in our heedless state we're not even trying. May this Ramadan be an opportunity to rectify this.

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