Thursday, 9 August 2012

Wandering Thoughts

Tucked away neatly in the corner of my mind
Beneath laundry that needs folding
Dishes that need cleaning
Below that film of dust on my computer screen
Busying myself with the to do list that is life
Running errands and quick phone calls
For as long as the sun is up
I’m an onion chopping, tea serving,
Bathroom cleaning, aunty pleasing machine
I run to clean dribble off  random nieces faces
International calls from all too foreign places
When ladies gossip erupts into family politics
 I’m left with soggy samosas and lukewarm chai
And unusually quick goodbyes
It is in those moments as the sun declines
As the foamy glory in my hands submerges the china set
When rolled up sleeves still manage to get wet
And I  stare  at the almost purple sky
I feel you uncurling , unwinding from the confines of my mind
In my peripheral vision where you abide
My shoulders they ache , long hours with no break
But hidden burdens weigh
More heavily on the heart
As much as I try to compartmentalise you
To shove you, lovingly that is, to one side
You seem to burst at the corners
Seeping into the foreground
It’s so typical of you, I sigh,
To refuse that neat little package I’ve assigned you to
My irritation manifested by pouting lips
You know all to well my need for things to be just so
Perhaps that’s why this is so amusing for you
The glint of your teeth as you smirk
I drop the plate
It breaks.

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