Friday, 10 August 2012

Moving On

How to let go of what I have not attained
When all I wish is that today was yesterday
When to move forward means to leave behind
When waiting till I’m ready is waiting till I die

Trying to pretend that the person I am today
Is the person I want to be
For what scares me too much
Is the thought of just being me

I’m not sure what I’m hiding from
Even if I can’t accept it I know what I need to do
But when you’re fighting yourself
There’s no escaping you

I don’t want to say goodbye to the people I knew
If only they would come with me too
For without them I don’t know what to do
But then is that really moving on

If I take everything with me
Then nothing has changed,
My life is still stuck in the same old place
But then there’s the question – do I really want to move on?

For I know it will be difficult, hardship and pain
But I know if I lose everything I’ll have everything to gain
Then why is it so hard just to let go of it all
Because when your not holding on your more likely to fall

Perhaps I was never meant to be like that person
It’s like starting to run when you’ve already lost the race
I’m competing for something I fear I will never win
So I’ve lost all hope to even begin

But yet inside of me is that 5 year old child
Who dreams to cross the finish line
But I refuse to let her speak to me
For I don’t know who she is you see

Like a lost part of me, who desires for more
More than a life forgotten in years
More than a series of laughter and tears
More than just a pointless usage of time and space

Don’t you remember when you were young
And you wanted to change everything
And the solutions were so simple and you were so brave
And life was so easy for you knew the way

And when your heart made a conviction
You stood against the world
You couldn’t read a book
But killed giants with your words

Oh what would she say if she saw you now?
Her lips tight and a baby frown
And more importantly what would you say
You forgot your conviction every moment of the day

Don’t you owe it to the person that you once were?
To accept what you always knew was true
And I mean really accept it as the truth
So much so that it becomes the only guide for you

And to change the world like you always knew you could
Starting one heart at a time, with the most corrupt which is mine
Grab a shovel and remove the dirt
A lifetime of sins it’s going to hurt

If life is a game then you’re already in it
You’ve rolled the dice you have to move
Scared to climb a ladder, then get eaten by a snake
Even if you close your eyes you’re still awake

You can stand still and pretend that everything is the same
But the earth will still rotate, and the seasons will change
If you don’t decide who you’re going to be
Then your past will never set you free

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