Monday, 6 August 2012

The Human Being

Grey cracked palms stare.
Freshly plastered walls drip
With the ink
That wretched fingertips cannot change
Calamities hammer nails
Into the coffin.
Eyes open to , yet so unaware
Of rusted metal within an inch
Of our lives
That shrivel into
The nothingness from which we came
Reclaiming heavy hearted faith
That paltry prayers reach deeper
Than our throats
So the hope, stretches out
Like open arms , narrow beams of
Freedom rebound
As we are told that
What escapes is only dreams
That lie beyond this place

Narrated 'Abdullah: The Prophet drew a square and then drew a line in the middle of it and let it extend outside the square and then drew several small lines attached to that central line, and said, "This is the human being, and this, (the square) in his lease of life, encircles him from all sides (or has encircled him), and this (line), which is outside (the square), is his hope, and these small lines are the calamities and troubles (which may befall him), and if one misses him, an-other will snap (i.e. overtake) him, and if the other misses him, a third will snap (i.e. overtake) him."

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