Sunday, 12 August 2012


I wonder if tonight is the night that the path of my destiny will change . That perhaps by a gesture as small as asking with a heart full of hope of receiving that I could too run . That I could run with steps that push to the horizon and beyond, that say to this heart breathe harder because you're almost there! Steps that turn meekly towards God and say I was wrong. And that without your mercy, without your love I will have lost a loss so great that I would mourn for eternity . So these empty palms plead Oh the one who sustains me encompass me in all that is good , forgive me and on this night bring me closer . Bring me so tantalizingly close that the world and everything in it will be of no regard , bring me so close that this body may break with ecstasy , that this heart will tremble, that miserable sins will vanish and this forehead may never rise from sujood.

The best of words are that from the Book of God but I shan't quote it for when it comes to the mercy of God I would like to believe that us with our stone cold hearts that even we have not forgotten that natural inclination to return . Surely life in itself is a testimony to God's mercy .And surely the alienation has gone too far and tonight we shall learn again what true love is and where the hearts will find peace.

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