Friday, 9 November 2012

Being Aware

He is on his own now, walking
backwards down that fateful street
I think my optimism is broken
I cannot quite fathom
Nor muster the strength to believe
It's changed?

I only want to tarry for a moment
Because any longer and I will reinvest this heart
And those long lost dreams will, breath
How should I ask her?
To ask her at all and
These behind the scenes previews are
Unshakably real
But I am an audience and she a celebrity, in a way
And she is right, we are on completely different levels
She is center stage and I
I am at the back behind the heads of others
Hearing words echoed , unsure
Whether you're talking to me

I am finding more and more in my life -messages. Messages that I'm not sure if I was meant to receive. Messages whose reply I cannot seem to write so I sit quietly, cross legged on the carpet back to a time when life was easy.

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