Monday, 26 November 2012

Interview Etiquette

Maybe I want to be everything you ask of me
But the process of becoming is like
Manufacturing cheap goods , second rate versions
Costing more and lacking luster and quality

Interviews are blouses and skirts billowing in a
Half hearted breeze of laughter
They will never be pleased with me
This system is agonized by the sight of me
Black abaya and scarf  without the accessories
And how can I meet you half way
To hell, fire singeing the ends and this
Hijaab loses a few inches quietly

Why can't I be assertive in the one thing that counts
Must I de-robe for a racist ideology
Climb career ladders in tailored suits
We're all just monkeys jumping through hoops but
This hijaabi can shoot from outside
The three point line so give me a foul but
Don't deny that I knew my stuff

And don't worry I can integrate
Let me factor out all the lies and trials
Found in the small print of this contract
And divide my time between between heaven and this
To find the truth in clause 1ai- I am oppressed
By fools who try to tell me how to dress


  1. Wow...just a little while back I found myself skimming through guidelines for interview attire in a waiting room. It almost makes me furious inside, who are they to tell someone how to look to be successful? In this world maybe....

  2. I have an interview coming up and although I'm not wearing my hijab right now, I have thoughts of it as in, what will they think when I do put it on again, and would they view me differently if I were to wear it during my interview? This poem hit the nail on the head.

    1. Yes they would. Is that a bad thing-not at all.
      Sis you see the thing is some people will never be pleased with you - that is until you give up everything .
      You wear your hijaab and shoot the ball from the three point , yeh your going to get a foul but who cares , Allah raises the reputation of the muslim he honours them , when the ball falls through the hoop and your actions fall into place with your imaan the very people criticizing you will be in awe of you.
      The thing about hijaab is that its fard you've gotta do it racist panel or not. Easier said than done I know . I hope your interview goes well inshaAllah, I'll make dua for you