Monday, 19 November 2012


I wrote this piece several months ago,near enough a year, and yet it feels like I could have written this just the other day. 

Quiet and reserved 
Or is it shy and unconcerned
Is it a crisp autumn breeze?
Or is it dead falling leaves

A big hearty laugh
Or just another façade
Everything will be okay
Or is it just a brave face

Is it easier to worry
About everyone else
Don’t look in the mirror
Don’t think about yourself

Do you want to speak
But the words have gone away
Is it a breathtaking sunset
Or just the end of a day

Do your eyes swell with tears?
And you can no longer see
You stumble, trip and fall,
Lay dead on your knees

If I hold out a hand
How long will I wait
You know I’m there
Why do you hesitate?

Can’t you see what you’re doing?
Or do you not really care
For as long as my pain is silent
Then it's not really there

Perhaps you see a rainbow
I just see a rainy day
Perhaps you’re truly happy
Then why is everything grey

Years of memories turn to dust
Am I just a faded photo
Of someone you should recognise
From a time so long ago

I can’t describe, what I can’t understand
Why do we smile? Why do we pretend? 
If I could only find the words
Then maybe this would all end

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