Saturday, 3 November 2012

Unsent Letter

I have found an old letter which I never had it in me to send. Please, somebody, anybody read it and benefit . If I must spend my days as an emotional mess let it at least be of some benefit to somebody.

Verily, the best of speech is the Book of Allah, and the best of guidance that of Muhammad  and the evil of all religious matters is their own innovations. Every innovation is a bid'ah, and every bid'ah is a misguidance, and every misguidance is in the Fire.

All praise and glory belongs to Allah the one who has created all that is in the heaven and in the earth and all that is between them . Who has shaped man in the womb of his mother and who has sent down guidance. All praise to the one who gives provision to his creation and blesses the sustenance of the believer. All praise belongs to the one who is the most merciful and oft forgiving  who accepts the repentance of whoever he wills and who has blessed us with guidance in the form of the Quran, and the sunnah of the final messenger may peace be upon him . Verily the best of ways is that of Muhammed ,peace be upon him, who has been sent as a glad tiding and a warner . As to what follows please know that I write this as a reminder to myself first and foremost and then to you my brother in this the religion of our Lord .
I speak from the heart , with sincerity , hope and fear for you, for there has come upon mankind and upon this Ummah a difficult time. There is sin wherever we turn our faces and we have indulged in that which we do not have permission to indulge in . We have done deeds that we are not permitted to do. And ultimately we have wronged ourselves. Our hearts are in dire need of rejuvenation and of life because we have deprived our hearts greatly for far too long. For we are not truly alive, the hearts are only alive in the remembrance of Allah . And I fear that perhaps we have strayed from our creator and that we have remained alienated for so long that the path to repentance has become blurry by the workings of Shaytaan . And what I fear even more is that perhaps we have become unaware ,unaware of our own mindless wandering and heedless of the time that is passing. I fear that we might commit an action that would be the cause of distance from our Beloved . That our eyes may look at something unlawful in this world and will be forbidden to gaze upon our beloved . For what could be more beloved then the very source of love. For everything we have ever wanted and cared for stems back to God.

People often ask but what about when we lose something loved isn’t God to blame for this . I say subhnanAllah , this just shows how much Allah loves you . This is simply a reminder, a reminder that everything that we love with eventually die , it is the truth and it is a promise from God . However God will not die and so this is a call to return to him , the eternal the everlasting .  For this life is but a fleeting moment , we will be gone quite literally before we know it . And the moment the soul leaves the body and our eyes open to the reality that surround us will be the day the successful such have their success and the wrongdoers will be amongst the losers. Because really what are we chasing after? Does really the fire of money drive us in this life? What kind of pitiful success is this it brings neither peace in this life , nor safety from the punishment of the grave nor security on the day of Reckoning. Should we not be striving, longing to stand in front of our Lord and succeed to have him pleased with us. What greater success is there to know than that the purpose of our existence has been fulfilled?
But what scares me the most is that I believe we have forgotten this religion. We have forgotten what has been sent down to us . We have forgotten our Lords mercy upon us . But even more than that I fear perhaps we don’t know . Do we truly know what islam is ? what it calls us to do , the type of people it calls us to be? Are we ready to answer the questions of the grave , who is your lord, what is your religion, who is your prophet .
I know that you are better than me  and that I have many shortcomings myself and have fallen in the most miserable of ways but I say this to you only because I wish goodness for you . Please , my brother, remember Allah , I don’t doubt that you do but do it even more so . And honour the muslim women the way Allah has ordained for her to be honoured. Lower your gaze out of respect for her modesty and out of humility and out of submission to the commands of the Lord of mercy . And finally do not strive except for the sake of God . I advise you sincerely this world is a terrible investment, look around you , look at the rising sun , the morning brightness , the full moon , the passage of time and the beauty of the creation and know the one who created you is far more beautiful and far more worthwhile . And never be shy of turning in repentance to God , indeed if our sins were piled as high as mountains God would still forgive us with all our shortcomings

If I have said anything that is wrong or has displeased you , do not let this be the means of you being pushed away from this religion. Rather know that verily the speech of Allah is the best of speech .And if my manner of presentation has displeased you or is incorrect then know that the best of ways is the way of the final prophet may peace and blessing be upon him. And it is only for us to strive , so let us strive.


  1. Another beautiful piece SubhanAllah. It really made me stop and think. We say we are Muslims, but how many of us really KNOW our faith or bother to learn? It is all so fleeting here, but we have nestled ourselves in so comfortably, duped into thinking it will last forever even though we see the signs all around us and within us of its approaching end. We are but one breath away from reality and it frightens me beyond belief. But my hope in the mercy of my Lord gives me the strength to go on, to place my forehead to the ground again and again begging for mercy, for salvation.
    May we all reach it and may our Lord save us from our own destruction.

    1. Ameen.

      You remind me of the saying of the Arabs it goes along the lines of sometimes the listener understands more than the speaker. Your sincerity and imaan allows you to read more beauty than i could ever fathom of writing .