Sunday, 11 November 2012


I am tired of sending out emails en mass
I will find something, write something just so
And send it only to you
Maybe you feel lost beneath the names
Beneficial chain mail loses all benefit
Because hand wrapped gifts in vintage paper
Tied with a bow waiting for your fingertips to tug
Means oh so much more
I will be direct in my direction
Of all the people I love in this world
This gift of regular shaped letters, strings
Of ideas and emotions were meant only for you

I feel vulnerable, if you reject it
I am left red faced, ashamed
So what to give you in the first place
Despite all of this writing
These lines of verse
I am still averse to write to you
To speak to you
So drafts of a gift so well conceptualized
Wait miserably for weeks
Oh my Lord let it materialize
Let it materialize quickly , please

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