Friday, 16 November 2012

Candy-floss Years Ago

The Story of my Life Part IV

Candy-floss drips with the humidity
Pinkness stuck to the palms.

I tell her how I left them all
My own personal hijra to college
Leaving behind people I could no longer love
I found relatives beyond the blood
Of soul and essence

I shouldn't have left the
Way I did it all was wrong

The story of my life is
Looking over the shoulders,
Beyond the faces that connect to me
It is looking and finally seeing the
Street was never empty.
It is realizing that beyond my quaint
Little religious bubble
The life of those has descended
Into chaos, into Fridays with
Kisses on the cheek in the rain
I am burning in the flames of destruction
This abandonment is branded with
sunken hearts and sticky,useless palms

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